Leather Shop – Women’s / Men’s Clothing – Accessories
Galleria Cavour 9 I – Entrance from Via L. C. Farini

The creations of Bottega Veneta, recognizable for the exclusive “woven” workmanship and are now a classic of “Made in Italy”. With fashion leather goods, it is a luxury brand that testifies the all-Italian ability of blending timeless style with a contemporary feel. We can observe this same caracteristic in the shop: where the furnishings and design blend perfectly with the ceilings, decorated with the original frescoes of Palazzo Vassè.

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday 10:00 / 13:30 – 15:00 / 19:30
Sunday 15:30 / 19:30

Store manager: Egidio Borgogni


Bottega Veneta - Galleria Cavour