30 September 2020

"One of my first intentions was to make the walk in the Gallery more enjoyable and memorable every day. Hence my idea of ​​creating a perfume capable of capturing and spreading the essence of this place" stated Gioia Martini when announcing the creation of Farini 14 at the presentation evening of the fragrance and the book Farini 14 a Perfume a City. The new fragrance for interiors, which you will smell while walking in the Gallery, was created specifically after months of study and research, by the master perfumer, Mauro Malatini. During the placée dinner the various essences were revealed by an intriguing gastronomic-olfactory journey.

Susanna Message, the lovely godmother of the evening, welcomed the elegant guests, all loyal customers of the Galleria boutiques, who contributed to making the evening even more special and festive.

A cultural event sublimated by the descriptive genius of the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, who described the role of smell and perfume in art, masterfully analysing a selection of extraordinary and also very curious art works, including the allegories of smell by Arcimboldo, Brueghel, Rubens and Pietro della Vecchia.

Among candlesticks and ancient roses, the Senzaspine Orchestra guided guests on a journey through time with the notes of Édith Piaf, Elvis Presley, Morricone, Aretha Franklin, Etta James and many others, thus evoking the unique atmospheres of that unrepeatable musical season.

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