The Kennedy Years


 Galleria Cavour to The Kennedy Years, as a tribute to the unforgettable Jackie

The allure of Jackie Kennedy is still present in the temple of Bolognese fashion, with her unforgettable Tiffany & Co. jewels, designed by Jean Schlumberger, the “Jackie” destined to become a real “cult”, which she launched as a must among the socialites of the New York elite, the flat moccasins of the Florentine designer that the most chic First Lady on the planet brought to the coolest boutiques in Manhattan or the legendary Vuitton Speedy, the inseparable travel companion of Mrs.Kennedy, the very classic and very French Moncler  jacket, which will become part of his unmistakable style, a source of inspiration even today.

Galleria Cavour represents elegance, class, fashion that never fades and could not miss the appointment of the exhibition “The Kennedy Years”, which was inaugurated at Palazzo Belloni and which brought some of its “stories”, including images and talk shows, in the spaces of the Bolognese shopping center with the boutiques of the most important brands in the world.  Timeless and undisputed, among the favourites of the legendary Jackie Kennedy was Tiffany, the historical brand of Galleria Cavour, whose jewels were a “trademark” of the elegance of the First Lady.
The two events that Galleria Cavour hosted on the occasion of The Kennedy Years exhibition (a photographic tribute to Jackie Kennedy and a “Talk”) followed  a few weeks later the exhibition on the history of Bolognese luxury shopping that was inaugurated, on the occasion of Arte Fiera , in the year of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of Galleria Cavour.