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Gioia Martini and Fideuram Private Banking’s Homage to Bologna

28 June - 2022

How has Bologna’s commercial heart, otherwise known as the “Quadrilatero”, changed and what are the future challenges awaiting it?

This is one of the questions posed by Fideuram, in conceiving a documentary journey that began with the docufilm “Homage to Bologna“. The city of Bologna has always been, by nature and historical tradition, a place of encounters, culture, economic and social exchanges. It is no coincidence, as Loris Ventura, area manager of Fideuram, points out, that this is the “city that was first able to create a structure, the University, which then spread throughout Europe” and which still serves as a bridge between people and the future.

Indeed, it was among the arcades of the Quadrilatero that ancient trade flourished and university knowledge germinated. Fideuram thus wished to embark on an innovative narrative tale starting from one of the buildings that best describe this change: the Palazzo della Cassa di Risparmio of Bologna, a symbol since its construction of a city that, over time, gradually abandoned local craftsmanship and entered the era of the industrial revolution.

In recounting the mirror of the times, “Homage to Bologna” sought to involve the prominent figures who represent the realities of the Quadrilatero today, asking them to tell their stories, but also to explain their visionary perspectives for the future of this precious corner of the city. The interviewees include personalities from business, culture and politics such as Fabio Roversi Monaco, former Magnifico Rettore of the University of Bologna for 16 years; Gianluca Farinelli, director of the Cineteca di Bologna; Enrico Postacchini, president of Ascom and Guglielmo Marconi Airport; and Giancarlo Roversi, journalist and writer from Bologna.

We could not miss a meeting also with Gioia Martini, the new owner of the section of Galleria Cavour that opens from the central crossroads onto the square of the same name. In fact, our spaces, which host some of the most prestigious names in Italian and international fashion, have always represented the flagship of the Quadrilatero and are traditionally an exciting meeting place, a bridge between the past and the future. The interview, of which we propose a few excerpts, was thus an opportunity to reflect on the present of Galleria Cavour and the future challenges of the new ownership.

They then talked about the innovations brought forward thanks to the latest dreamy fittings, the restyling of communication and the creation of the Farini 14 identity fragrance. An important sign of how much potential there still is within the luxury sector and how this axis can be an attractive and profitable attraction to project Bologna with ever greater thrust into the international tourism sector.

This and other important testimonies are contained within the Homage to Bologna commissioned by Loris Ventura and Alessandro Andreoli, a docufilm capable of describing, as never before, a historical reality in constant ferment and change.