GC Magazine - Galleria Cavour

Happy New Year from all of us

30 December - 2021

Every year, the last week of December has always been an opportunity to look back and take stock of what has been sown.

In the same way, the mind and heart are projected with optimism towards the coming year. 2021 was for Galleria Cavour in the name of innovation and the enhancement of its artistic and cultural potential.

Farini 14, the identity perfume and fragrance for the environment inspired by our history, has finally become a reality that can be purchased at our spaces in Palazzo Vassè Pietramellara (for information visit the GC STYLE page), the ever new settings that have alternated over the course of the several seasons have attracted tourists and dreamers eager to immerse themselves in a unique atmosphere, confirming the centrality of Galleria Cavour within the Bolognese commercial district and, more widely, in the city tourist circuit as an essential visit destination to get to know the most iconic corners of Bologna.

The constant growth of social channels continues to expand the notoriety and visibility of our entire world by attracting the attention of internationally renowned followers and influencers. However, 2021 was also a complex year, marked by pandemic uncertainties which, however, did not stop our enthusiasm (even at Easter, in the difficult weeks of closure, we wanted to set up our shops with bunnies and wreaths full of trust and hope, certain what better times would soon come).

Our optimism has been reciprocated by the affection of you visitors and by the propulsive visionary drive of Bologna towards the future: the great international exhibitions, events and awards are back in the city (the Porticoes have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the enhancement of artistic resources has continued unabated as shown for example by the statue of the master Lucio Dalla, by Antonello Paladino, located right in the adjacent Piazza Cavour).

It is therefore to the future that we look to the future, aware of what is being built and confident in the great potential of our city. Good start 2022 from all of us: may it be a year as precious and unforgettable as the emotions that we are committed to giving you!