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The Louis Vuitton Christmas windows

7 December - 2022

Vetrine Natale Louis Vuitton 2022

Louis Vuitton and Lego are two distant worlds that however share a passion for creativity and dreams.

Holiday is the name of the project that sees these two realities meet to give life to festive Christmas windows that celebrate the unusual union between the French fashion house and the most famous toy brick house on the planet in every city in the world.

This Christmas, therefore, to the delight of adults and children, even the dreamy windows of Galleria Cavour in Bologna become the perfect setting where style and imagination meet. The colorful and three-dimensional installations arise from the creative exchange that began previously with the Louis 200 Trunks project, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the founder Louis Vuitton. On that occasion, the professional Lego builders created a birthday cake made from 31,700 toy bricks.

This year, however, the collaboration has, in fact, a global reach since it involves the Christmas windows of all the brand’s boutiques in every corner of the world, including Italy.

Lego thus interprets the Vuitton universe in an ironic and imaginative way, giving life to snow-covered Christmas trees decorated with the famous Damier motif or trunks covered in Lego and meticulous reproductions of national monuments. The installations then become a window to travel with the imagination, go back to childhood and be inspired by worlds of beauty and joy. It is no coincidence that exploration is one of the most cherished suggestions of the Parisian brand and a cornerstone of the Lego universe.

Once the holidays are over, the creations will be disassembled but every single brick will be recycled and donated to schools and realities that gravitate around the world of education and social inclusion so that it can be reused for recreational and recreational activities that seek to inspire children towards a future of sharing and happiness.