The Luxury shopping address in Bologna:
where your choices have more value

Welcome in Galleria Cavour which, since more than 60 years greets its visitors in a prestigious setting dedicated to luxury and elegance.
A stroll through beautiful boutiques where every detail has a value and the atmosphere has the scent of style:
from the fragrance of the environment that welcomes at the entrance, to the sophisticated floral decorations.
Ideas and suggestions that make this enchanting corner of Bologna pleasant and memorable.


Galleria Cavour
created for those
who love shopping

Why run in every direction?
In Galleria Cavour all your favourite stores are one next to the other. Discover the Flagship stores of the most important luxury brands, they have been selected to offer you a pleasurable shopping in a sophisticated atmosphere where you can easily find all you are looking for.


Galleria Cavour
dedicated to those that love Bologna

Since 1959 Galleria Cavour has been a reference point for Bologna, for the Bolognese and beyond. A long story of more than 60 years, that is renewed today, thanks to Gioia Martini who, with his creative and entrepreneurial impulse, wants to offer the best to the city.


Galleria Cavour
inspired to the culture of hospitality

Culture events, Gala dinners and recurrent encounters with Bologna’s friends, are hosted and organized with passion by Galleria Cavour.


Opening time

Galleria Cavour is always open. The boutiques have variable hours, find out the ones of your favorite brands in the section dedicated to them.

How to reach us

Main entrance: Via L. C. Farini, 14
Other entries: Via Massei – Via Goidanich
Via de’ Foscherari

Galleria Cavour
discovering Bologna

Bologna is a crossroads of history, culture, art, style just like its Gallery. This is why we want to share our favorite places with you: monuments, museums, squares but also the shops and the most beautiful views of Bologna, a stone’s throw from Galleria Cavour.



An important patrician residence since 1550,
since 1959, the prestigious seat of GALLERIA CAVOUR

Galleria Cavour is located in one of the oldest and most important buildings in Bologna.
Built in the sixteenth century, bombed during the war, and today carefully restored,
Palazzo Vassé encloses important historical art jewels.

Galleria Cavour
a sublime location

Galleria Cavour is located inside one of the most important architectural structures in the historic centre of Bologna, Palazzo Vassé Pietramellara, home of patrician families since the 1500’s.



Choose the essence of Galleria Cavour

Today Galleria Cavour is a Brand that embodies an accurate style, made of timeless elegance and contemporary luxury.
This is why we have created FARINI 14, the ambient fragrance, which gives a pleasant and sophisticated welcome accompanying the guests in a memorable stroll where also the scent is recalled.