Galleria Cavour Bologna
Galleria Cavour is willing to create special events for Companies, Institutions, Associations, Cultural Institutes offering innovative spaces and concepts.

Its centrally placed location, its history, its prestige and its uniqueness make Galleria Cavour the ideal meeting place to develop creative and emotional projects.

The Galleria Cavour can be destined to different activities:

  • Institutional events (for example, press conferences, conventions)
  • Products presentation
  • Literary presentation
  • Workshop and company seminars
  • Showrooms
  • Cocktail parties
  • Celebrations
  • Private dinners

antCharity for ANT

9° edizione dell’asta di solidarietà a favore di ANT . Location: Galleria Cavour, partecipano: le boutique di Galleria Cavour, Portico Zambeccari e Piazza Minghetti, battitore dell’asta: Roberta Capua.

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