Emporio Armani Coffee Bar and Restaurant

Cavour Gallery – Entrance from Via Massei

Style, exclusivity and quality are the trademarks of Emporio Armani Coffee Bar and Restaurant. Located right in the Cavour Gallery, the Armani Coffee Bar and Restaurant offers refined cuisine that tends to tradition with a contemporary touch. Along with the dishes, the cocktails too are perfect in their refinement, evoking the typical Italian style of the maison.

Ambassadori and Eataly

Via degli Orefici, 19

“Reading is the food of knowledge”. Perhaps it is for this reason that the combination of Coop Libraries and Eataly Ambasciatori appears particularly fitting. Among the shelves of the great classics or the latest bestsellers it is possible to taste the dishes of a brand exported all over the world and which has made the concept of “Made in Italy” a trademark.

The Quadrilatero

For the Bolognese it is simply the ‘Quadrilatero’. It is right here, behind the Cavour Gallery, where we come across a maze of alleys, shops and restaurants which all have a common denominator: the pleasure of the senses and the palate. Sipping a glass of wine at the Rosa Rose Bistrot or savoring the Bolognese tradition of a platter of mixed cold cuts at Il Calice are just some of the attractions that have made the Quadrilatero the most fashionable epicenter of the city. The bon vivant stroll between Via dei Musei and the Zerocinquantuno up to Casa Minghetti, recalls at times the films of Pupi Avati or the songs of Lucio Dalla.

The aperitif in the square of the Seven Churches

Sacred and profane come together in one of the most evocative squares in Bologna. That of Santo Stefano, known as the Piazza of the Seven Churches, which is the most unique complex in Bologna: a true sanctuary of spiritual pilgrimage, but also worldly. Seven churches architecturally linked to each other frame a fascinating square that swarms with perfect places for both an aperitif or a dinner.

Grocery of the Rose

Via Cartoleria, 10

Conclude a perfect dinner with the background of opera music and receive a rose donated by the host himself. It is not the end of a film starring Audrey Hepburn but what happens at the Drogheria della Rosa, one of the most unique taverns in Bologna. The unmistakable style of this place reflects that of the flavours of its cuisine: seeing is believing.

Osteria Biagi

Via Saragozza, 65

Always a family business, the restaurant, located in Via Saragozza continues, according to legend, to offer the smallest tortellini in the world: seeing is believing! In addition to the precious “Navel of Venus”, the menu also offers the whole range of Bolognese cuisine served in a familiar and warm atmosphere.

Cremeria Funivia

Via Porrettana, 158/4d

Is there a better way to reward yourself, after a day of shopping in the Cavour Gallery, for the most famous handmade icecream in the whole city? If icecream is an art in Bologna…, let yourself be tempted by the flavours of the Cremeria Funivia, in Piazza Cavour, is a must! If there is a queue, do not be discouraged: it is worth the wait.