What is style? Style illuminates without dazzling. It is the difference between sound and noise. Between perfume and smell. Between being noticed and being remembered. In short, it is that undetectable detail that makes the difference. The Cavour Gallery has decided to affirm the essence of its style by using the unique fragrance of Farini 14, through the culture that celebrates tradition and modernity, through the pages of the precious book “A perfume, a city” and with a tribute to art and fashion through the creation of a t-shirt adorned with the emblem of the Vinci knots. Enter the universe of the Cavour Gallery and discover the news we have in store for our exclusive guests and which will soon be available for purchase.


In the balance of the olfactory pyramid of this fragrance of hospitality we find the peacefulness of incense, the wit of saffron, the enveloping warmth of vanilla, the opulence of almond, the pining of caramel, the charm of opium, the sensuality of amber and the preciousness of oud, the black gold of essences.


What scented essence did Cleopatra use before joining her lovers? How did she seduce Marcus Antony in the triumphal meeting on his marvellous ship, described by Plutarch? Which flower did the refined emperor Hadrian use to perfume rooms? What smells did you smell in ancient times walking along Via Farini, the street on which the Cavour Gallery overlooks? Which perfume could evoke art, commerce, knowledge or music? “Tell me what you smell like and I’ll tell you who you are” said Helen Keller, the American writer and teacher who inspired the film ‘Anna of Miracles, deaf blind since the age of 19 months. So what is the smell of the Cavour Gallery? The nose of perfumer Mauro Malatini chose specific scents to compose Farini 14, the ambient perfume that you will smell while walking through the Gallery, more precisely: incense, saffron, vanilla, almond, caramel, laudanum, ambergris and oud. You will find the answers to all these questions, and more, in the book “A Perfume, a City”, published by Minerva and edited by Gioia Martini in collaboration with Sergio Barducci. Fragments of history and renowned quotes, contributed to inspiring the creation of the essence of the Cavour Gallery. This very fragrance accompanies you in a fascinating journey that smells of beauty and curiosity.


Fashion is an art form. Just like a painting, a garment is able to interpret an era, describe a generation and narrate an entire era through colours, lines and volumes. It is exactly this subtle but enduring bond that inspired one of the latest creations of the Cavour Gallery. The t-shirt with the Vinci knots not only celebrates the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, who conceived the aforementioned knots and represented them in many of his paintings, such as “The Lady with an Ermine”, but it also pays homage to the bond that unites art and fashion under the sign of creativity. The simple lines, suitable for a contemporary femininity, can easily be used in any occasion making this t-shirt the perfect garment to wear under a formal suit or a casual look.