The concept of the global luxury brand come true, in the whole of Europe.

A magic world in the heart of a living city center.
Space and Time stop moving.

The present reminds the past and the future is a blurred picture of the present.
All the different dimensions come together in an only moment. Here and now.
Illusionist painters, visionary astronomers. It is the mystery hidden in the beating heart of Galleria Cavour, one of the few examples of modern architecture in Bologna.

Flat ceilings thus become vaults and sharp edges transform into arches.
These were the magic of Baroque, the era when great artists in Bologna gave life to one of the most interesting Quadrature art movement in the international art world.

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Galleria Cavour a distinctive Brand Content.

A signature capable of considering Beauty as a sensual/seductive experience ready to wrap and warm up, attract and lead, glorify and satisfy.

Music for the eyes and words to treasure.

Art Center

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