Gentile ospite bentornato in Galleria Cavour, che da oggi, lunedì 18 maggio, riapre tutte le sue boutiques, mettendoTi a disposizione lungo il percorso gel igienizzante e recipienti per guanti. Il rispetto delle regole di distanziamento sociale di cui al D.P.C.M. del 17 maggio 2020, che porta ad evitare assembramenti, consentirà uno shopping ancor più sicuro per tutti.


Galleria Cavour has always been landmark for the exclusive shopping in Bologna and beyond. Since 1959, the presence of the major international brands let the Gallery to carve out a place of honor in the world of fashion luxury.
If in the capital cities of the world the elegant shopping takes place in the High Streets, Galleria Cavour is the exception to the classic rule, it is the singular covered “High street”. Strategically located in the heart of Bologna, the Gallery is hosted by historic buildings, authentic jewels of Italian Art able to hide inside themselves a little world to be discovered: it’s among historic frescoes, damasks and nineteenth-century marble floors that the most prestigious boutiques of the luxury world stand.
Each year, more than 3 million visitors pass through Galleria Cavour; thanks to a perfect synergy between art, history, fashion and luxury and thanks to the exclusive events that take place each week in the free access spaces, the Galleria is one of the most prestigious high-level destinations carefully selected by a discerning international Elite tourism, always attentive to the latest trends.

Шопинг класса люкс в центре Болоньи


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