24 November 2021

Christmas Party 2021

Christmas is sharing, and on November 24, Gioia Martini inaugurated the Holiday Season with a special event dedicated to the people who experience Galleria Cavour more than anyone else: store managers and sales staff who welcome, with impeccable professionalism, customers from all over the world.

The exclusive Cocktail Party was a way to remember that the excellence of Galleria Cavour is based on the quality of the brands, but also on the high level of professionalism of the sales staff that guarantee a memorable experience of shopping, socializing and discovery. 

The festivities were also an opportunity to inaugurate the new, much-admired Christmas displays: handcrafted fairytale-like air balloons, which stole the hearts of visitors who came to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of Christmas. 

The buffet, embellished with the fine delicacies of Antoniazzi catering, was enlivened by the melodies of the Orchestra Senzaspine. Photos of the event are available on our official Facebook page while on our Instagram profile you can discover the backstage of the Christmas setup. 

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