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Bartorelli and Vhernier: a special appointment in Galleria Cavour

28 February - 2024

Bartorelli e Vhernier

It will be an appointment where beauty and mystery meet that which, on Friday 1 March, at the Bartorelli jewellery store in Galleria Cavour, will feature the creations of Vhernier. The cocktail party, which anticipates the exhibition on Saturday 2 March, will be an opportunity to admire, by invitation only and as a national preview, the collection just launched by the prestigious Italian contemporary jewellery brand.

Vhernier has always been an emblem of excellence. The brand’s philosophy, in fact, puts jewellery design at the centre of every creation through extremely complex and daring craftsmanship, the result of research, study and use of the most precious materials ever. Indeed, the Maison’s creations are distinguished by innovation and refinement, often drawing inspiration from the pure forms of modern sculpture and the works of contemporary geniuses such as Constantin Brancusi, Barbara Hepworth and Max Bill.

The creative process begins with the exaltation of shapes, pure and essential, and volumes, often generous and soft. Each piece of jewellery is in fact a declaration of love for the body where elegance is in constant balance between simplicity and complexity, between strength and lightness. This is how some of the brand’s most successful collections were born, amidst poetic asymmetries and splendid sparkles: the Abbraccio line, romantic and refined, the Aladino collection, with its hypnotic transparencies, Calla, essential and modern, or the iconic Palloncini, playful and glamorous.

A story, that of Vhernier, that looks to the future with care and ethical spirit: its diamonds, in fact, come from sources that operate exclusively in compliance with UN resolutions. Moreover, there are numerous stars who have been fascinated and seduced by the brand. Some names? Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Jane Fonda and Dua Lipa. It is therefore no coincidence that the brand can be found and purchased at the Bartorelli jewellery store, which has always been synonymous with luxury and exclusivity and a retailer of the world’s most prestigious brands, and that the Galleria boutique was the venue chosen to present the eagerly awaited new collection.