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Gioia Martini interviews Dr Annamaria Acquaviva

21 February - 2024

Annamaria Acquaviva - Health Revolution

An appointment dedicated to longevity and wellbeing will be held at Palazzo Vassé Pietramellara on Thursday 29 February at 6 pm. Gioia Martini, hostess and owner of the stretch of Galleria Cavour that extends from the porticoed entrance on Via Farini to the central crossroads, will interview Dr. Annamaria Acquaviva, dietician, nutritionist, pharmacist and scientific director of Palazzo di Varignana Resort.

The occasion is the presentation of Acquaviva’s book, Health Revolution – I cinque pilastri della salute, where she explains valuable strategies to achieve a functional balance between body and mind and help us all face everyday challenges. Among the topics covered, ample space will be given to what the doctor describes as the five pillars of health: personalised nutrition, inner harmony, physical activity, rest, dietary supplementation and cosmetics.

It is, in fact, the balance between these factors that is the real key to achieving the maximum potential of psychophysical well-being and, therefore, a new form of beauty. It is precisely at the Palazzo di Varignana, among other places, that it is possible to test first-hand the Acquaviva method through personalised psycho-physical empowerment paths: a transformative journey that, with a scientific strategy, aims at wellness and harmony.

The appointment at Palazzo Vassé, strictly by invitation only, is instead an opportunity to get to know more closely an esteemed and much-followed professional, also on social networks, and to delve into themes that touch on health and beauty. Our reality returns, therefore, to be a setting for cultural encounters and a concrete expression of all declinations of beauty, including aesthetic and inner beauty, as in this case. This will be followed by a longevity cocktail by Marco Leandri, chef of the Ginkgo Longevity Restaurant, the new restaurant in Varignana that translates and brings to the table the values of nutrition and wellbeing of the Acquaviva method, through a refined proposal of haute cuisine and a menu where the quality of the raw materials marries the pleasure of wellbeing with sustainable choices, food combinations, and innovative cooking techniques.