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Bartorelli lands in the Principality of Monaco

20 July - 2022

Bartorelli Jewelers, retailer of prestigious brands such as Chaumet, Bulgari, Omega and Patek Philippe, among others, represents excellence in the luxury sector, and its fame is about to cross national borders as well.

This is evidenced by yet another milestone brought to fruition this year: in fact, the group has signed an exclusive collaboration agreement that sees the Rare and Unique collections land in the Principality of Monaco at a place that is a symbol of Italian style in the world: the Cipriani in Monte Carlo. With an exclusive inaugural event, Carlo Bartorelli and Flavio Briatore did the honors by inviting people to celebrate this partnership through a trunk show of high jewelry.

The very select clientele was thus able to admire the craftsmanship and artistry that has always distinguished the group’s artistic creations in the sign of rarity of materials and elegance of design. In this regard, Carlo Bartorelli, president and CEO, says, “The important feedback from customers prompted us to sign this exclusive agreement that sees our high jewelry line present in the Principality of Monaco in a significant way. It will be an important showcase to present our history, the excellence of our Italian craftsmanship and the style of the brand.

It is the beginning of a new era with an international flavor that will be inaugurated precisely through the presence and displays of the jewelry line inside the Cipriani hotel and at Twiga Monte Carlo. The choice of the Principality is obviously not accidental: in addition to representing luxury and elegance in the world, Monaco has, with our nation, a special bond made of a geographical but also artistic and cultural proximity.

The news was also reported, among others, by “Milano Finanza“, which tells how, the whole operation, marks an important milestone for the group that, under the sign of dynamism, is preparing to cut 140 years of activity with new international goals also strong in the increase of domestic demand in the Italian market with the presence of prestigious boutiques located between Forte dei Marmi, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Milano Marittima, Riccione and, of course, in Galleria Cavour, in the heart of Bologna.