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Bologna and the most interesting exhibitions in January 2024

3 January - 2024

Mostre Bologna Gennaio 2024

The start of the New Year has always been an opportunity to experience new emotions and enrich the spirit with new discoveries. Bologna, a capital city that is increasingly open to international tourism, claims its primacy as a city of culture and offers numerous exhibitions on its calendar that should not be missed.

In the month of January, it will therefore be possible to range between proposals of the highest level. Among these stands out, for its originality, the project “Fantastic Animals. The Garden of Wonders.” Presented in December as a new frontier of entertainment, the exhibition sees the Palazzo Albergati venue transformed into a magical space capable of merging fantasy, fun and dreams for the joy of young and old alike.

Twenty-three great contemporary artists reinterpret, in fact, more than ninety animals created through animations, paintings, sculptures and installations, as in a modern fairy tale capable of transporting visitors to a sort of artistic zoo where there are no cages and creativity has no fences. The exhibition, which opened a few weeks ago, runs until 5 May 2024.

January, on the other hand, is the last month to visit the Milva retrospective at the International Museum and Music Library, which will end on 4 February 2024. It is an immersion into the life and works of the famous Ferrara artist who has marked Italian singing history for over fifty years. “In arte, Milva” tells how, in the life of the multifaceted artist, the boundary between person and stage star has always been very blurred if not, in some cases, almost non-existent.

Also not to be missed this month is the exhibition at Palazzo d’Accursio entitled “Giovanni Masotti. Turbamento ed Estasi“. Inaugurated in December, the exhibition of over seventy works by the artist, including canvases, drawings and watercolours, can be visited until 14 February. Divided into thematic nuclei, the exhibitions show the versatility of this prestigious artist, who is able to interpret social and religious themes and personal torments with great intensity.

In January 2024, among other things, the “Cultural Dialogues at Palazzo d’Accursio“, the cycle of conferences with free admission, scheduled in the Farnese Chapel, will return here. It is only the beginning of the year, but the city is already ready to lead citizens and tourists to great cultural experiences.