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Customise your Moncler outerwear in Galleria Cavour

7 February - 2024

Moncler by Me

Shopping in Galleria Cavour is always a unique, fun and unforgettable experience. Proof of this now comes in the form of an initiative capable of uniting fashion, creativity and character such as the one presented and hosted, in the Moncler boutique, through the “Moncler by Me” project which, from Friday 9 February until Thursday 15 February, gives every customer the chance to personalise their down jacket.

Who, on the other hand, has never dreamed of becoming, at least for a day, the designer of their own wardrobe? Remo Ruffini‘s fashion house, which has always been very attentive to enhancing the personality of its outerwear, after numerous and striking artistic collaborations with the most famous names in the fashion system, is now aiming even higher, transforming the customer himself into an emerging designer.

In fact, during the aforementioned week, it will be possible to go to the shop, select a model, choose its colour palette and, finally, revise the details such as the logo, sleeves, trim and even add a text to be engraved on one’s final creation, choosing from a wide range of different fonts and styles. It is an idea that breaks down the boundaries between creator and purchaser, to affirm the highest artistic expression of one’s individuality.

The initiative is also an excellent creative cue, in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, to surprise your loved one with the perfect gift, unconventional and unique, just like the wearer. The shopping experience thus crosses new frontiers and becomes an all-round immersive experience: from design to the final result. Everyone will thus have the opportunity to bring the Moncler garment of their dreams to life. Reserve your appointment now by personally contacting the flagship store in Galleria Cavour: give free rein to your imagination and create the down jacket of your dreams for yourself or your sweetheart.