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Discover the Fabergé selection exclusively at Bartorelli jewellers

25 March - 2024

Bartorelli - Fabergè

From Monday 25 March until Saturday 30 March at the prestigious Bartorelli jewellers in Galleria Cavour, it will be possible to discover an exceptional selection of precious creations from the renowned Fabergé maison.

The famous brand owes its fortune to the Easter eggs created, over a century ago, by Peter Carl Fabergé at the Russian court on commission from Tsar Alexander III, who wished to surprise his wife, Maria Fedorovna, with a unique and surprising gift. The result, which far exceeded expectations, was a faithful representation of an enamelled hen’s egg that, replicating the structure of the matryoshka, contained within it another precious creation: the replica of a golden hen that held a reproduction of the imperial crown and a small ruby pendant.

The gift so impressed the tsarina that Fabergé was appointed court jeweller and commissioned to make a new Easter egg each year containing a different surprise each time. Thus, from 1885 two eggs were made each year: one for the Tsarina consort and another for the Empress Mother. The production of the eggs was so elaborate that they took a whole year to make: during his lifetime, the skilled goldsmith made fifty-seven of them, all built according to the Chinese box mechanism, manufactured from exclusive precious materials and containing surprises linked to imperial symbolism.

One of the most beautiful is the one from 1900 inspired by the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, containing a miniature of a golden train inside and embroidered on the outside with the engraving of the route programme. With the fall of the Russian Empire, the eggs were dispersed: stolen or sold across the border as their fame had by then won admirers in every corner of the world. Production resumed some time later, and between 1989 and 2009, precious Fabergé eggs were produced under licence, such as the Spirit of Extasy egg for Rolls-Royce, the egg for Liz Taylor‘s jewellery collection, or the one inspired by the well-known TV series The Game of Thrones. Which ones will be proposed by the selection of the exclusive Bartorelli jewellery store? To find out, all you have to do is stop by Galleria Cavour.