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Discovering style icons

7 January - 2022

Art, like fashion, feeds on inspiration. Since the times of the most glorious epic poems, even the great storytellers of the past used to invoke a muse to illuminate their genius, indicating the most poetic words and the most noble thoughts.

What would the immortal verses of Dante and Petrarca have been without Beatrice or Laura, the women to whom they were dedicated? Would the paintings of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso have had the same expressive power without Gala or Dora Maar?

Even fashion, which is a direct expression of art, has had its own muses and masters: figures who have written the pages of costume and have entered by right into the anthology of history. We at Galleria Cavour, who always look at fashion and art with innate interest, we want to share with you another piece of our universe by taking you to discover the icons that most represent us.

On our official social channels we will begin to tell you who are the personalities and people who have inspired us the most and who continue to do so. These are figures who have distinguished themselves for style, character, philosophy of thought, sagacity, elegance and that in their own way have changed the vision of the world.

Periodically, we’ll introduce you to revolutionary spirits who have inspired generations while remaining true to their uniqueness and uncompromising. Find out who our style icons are and why they are still a perennial inspiration for us: stay updated by following our official Facebook and Instagram pages.

This week the undisputed star is Iris Apfel, New York designer, trendsetter, collector and influencer of international fame, who has become a living expression of a style that knows no age, thanks to the hundred candles she has just blown out. One of her mottos? “If you stay in the world long enough, everything comes back in fashion.” How can you blame her?