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Jacob Elordi and Bottega Veneta: a contemporary love story

5 June - 2024

Jacob Elordi - Bottega Veneta

There are fashion brands that choose famous testimonials to interpret and publicise their creations, but sometimes there are also celebrities who unwittingly become ambassadors for the brands they wear on a daily basis.

The love story between Bottega Veneta and Jacob Elordi moved with absolute reciprocity in both directions and resulted in the Italian fashion house’s new advertising campaign in which the actor is now the acclaimed protagonist. In fact, even before this photo shoot, the Hollywood star had been repeatedly immortalised by the paparazzi wearing numerous bags from the fashion label.

Evidently seduced by the iconic woven pattern, he had repeatedly sported the brand’s bags by his side, almost unwittingly starting the male trend of wearing feminine bags with sophisticated disenchantment. Whether it was a sporty, casual or elegant look, the actor, considered among the sexiest men on the planet, casually alternated his padded cassette arm, the Andiamo model and other of the brand’s it bags, mixing luxury and practicality in a genderless key and naturally breaking old stereotypes to launch a fashion followed closely by other male colleagues.

Exploded with the scandalous series ‘Euphoria’ and consecrated as a crowd idol thanks to controversial roles such as those he played in the outrageous film ‘Saltburn’ or in ‘Priscilla’, a feature film by Sofia Coppola in which he impersonates the rock legend Elvis Presley, Jacob Elordi is one of those rare stars who can allow himself the luxury of literally inventing fashions and influencing the masses. It was he who chose Bottega Veneta even before the brand chose him. In fact, it must have seemed natural for designer Matthieu Blazy to entrust the star with the role of star and ambassador of the new campaign created by American photographer Alec Soth, which sees the actor wearing a salmon-coloured jumper while, with his hands, he imitates the silhouette of a bunny rabbit and shows off the look of someone who has once again struck a chord in the hearts of fans and fashion lovers.