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K-way collaborates with Maison Kitsuné

10 April - 2024

K-Way e Maison Kitsunè

Also arriving in the K-Way boutique in Galleria Cavour is the collection that the famous brand signs in collaboration with the French brand Maison Kitsuné. Since 2002, the latter has been recounting the worlds of fashion and music in an original and contemporary way, thanks to inspirations that come mainly from the East, as its very name indicates: kitsuné, in fact, means fox in the Japanese language and in Japanese iconography describes the ability to change appearance.

Mixing colours, prints and materials with a hint of irreverence, the brand, which was initially born as a simple record label, has since evolved into the world of fashion, gaining credibility and an increasingly vast public. The collaboration with K-Way also marks a new milestone for the brand that has linked its fortunes to the iconic mackintosh and now appears to be increasingly launched into the world of fashion, determined to make its mark with innovative and interesting capsule collections.

This one, in fact, takes up the challenge of proposing technical garments with high-performance fabrics, combining them with the refined verve of the French brand. In this interpretation key, the tartan print in turquoise and lime yellow becomes perfect, giving a rebellious charm that contrasts with the geometric cuts and ultra-practical texture of the outerwear.

This is the secret of the entire collection: knowing how to play harmoniously with the characteristics that have made both brands famous. Peeking through the proposals, the new models of the Leon short jacket made of waterproof and windproof ripstop fabric and the Claude short jacket that reinvents itself through a more romantic and sophisticated allure are immediately striking. Streetwear enthusiasts are bound to love the Terence poncho which, equipped with a strategic hood, proves to be a true passe-partout for sheltering from the rain with elegance and typical Parisian class. Lastly, and this is no small detail, even the union of the two logos appears graphically synergic, succeeding in giving a new face to the letter K that characterises both maisons in a game of style and harmony.