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The Tudor Oyster Prince: a choice of character

22 March - 2023

Tudor Oyster Prince

The Veronesi Jewelery has a reputation for excellence and elegance. In addition to being a retailer of the Rolex brand, the boutique in Galleria Cavour hosts the Tudor brand which boasts exclusive models that have been able to redefine and innovate the very idea of a timepiece.

It was 1952 when the Tudor Oyster Prince was presented to the world, accompanied by an advertising campaign destined to become historic for its visual and communicative impact. In fact, the commercials were not limited, as was customary at the time, to describing the quality of the product. The characteristics of resistance, precision and reliability were underlined by the feats in extreme conditions of men who had indeed chosen to wear a Tudor on their wrist to embark on these pyrotechnic adventures to the limit of their physical abilities.
An emotional story capable of immediately projecting the brand into the world of the most sought-after and coveted luxury watches: immediately recognizable, in the collective imagination, for its reliability and character.

The campaign also confirms the partnership between the Rolex and Tudor brands. In fact, under the guidance of Hans Wilsdorf, the Tudor Prince is the first watch in the world to share with its partner Rolex two characteristics previously the exclusive prerogative of the latter: the precious waterproof Oyster case and the automatic mechanism with “rotor” Perpetual. A partnership that causes a sensation: capable of increasing the allure and magnetism of Tudor in the eyes of enthusiasts. The brand immediately had the opportunity to demonstrate its effectiveness and excellence by participating in the scientific expedition to Greenland organized by the British navy that same year, proving to be resistant, reliable and extremely precise not only in commercials but also in practice.

It is no coincidence that, from then on, the subsequent advertising campaigns begin to focus on resistance to increasingly extreme tests: miners, pilots and pioneers are the protagonists chosen to embody their soul. Even today this model carries with it the legacy of a brand that has made quality its calling card.
When you buy luxury watches, you make a choice of style and personality, effectively making a precious investment capable of expressing the character of its owner and embodying the different souls of excellence.