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Vogue’s first film show arrives at the Modernissimo cinema

17 January - 2024

Cinema Modernissimo - Nouvelle Vogue

Fashion and cinema have always been two artistic expressions capable of telling stories and describing society and its eras. Reopened in November 2023 in its historic location and celebrated by prestigious directors such as Wes Anderson, Marco Bellocchio and Paola Cortellesi, the Modernissimo cinema, just a few steps away from Piazza Maggiore and Galleria Cavour, has returned to its renewed Art Nouveau splendour exactly as it was at the beginning of the last century, recording a record success with over 20,000 spectators in just one month since its opening.

Now, for this underground jewel, it is already time for new and ambitious projects: ‘Novelle Vogue‘, the first film show of the prestigious fashion magazine Vogue Italia, opens on 19 January in this very location. The opening film will be Blow Up, Michelangelo Antonioni‘s masterpiece that tells the story of a fashion photographer in London in the Roaring Sixties.

This is the beginning of a journey that, through one title per month, from January to December, aims to tell the deep connection between fashion and cinema through stories capable of being revolutionary and breaking out of conventions. The initiative also coincides with the 60th anniversary of Vogue Italia which, through its pages, has recounted the changes in style, but also social and cultural, of our country and marks Bologna’s increasingly evident centrality within the Italian and international cultural context.

It is also for this reason that Francesca Ragazzi, head of editorial content of the prestigious monthly magazine, wanted the first edition of the review to start from the capital of Emilia, its hometown and a point of reference, for years, for all film buffs thanks to the magnificent work carried out by the Cineteca di Bologna through the acclaimed Cinema Ritrovato review. This will be the occasion to definitively consecrate the Cinema Modernissimo as a precious city space for its artistic centrality and for having brought cinema back to its original intent: that of being a meeting place capable of giving life to marvellous dreams.