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We already have Christmas!

4 December - 2021

Christmas 2021 in Galleria Cavour

Although they have only been installed a few days ago, they have already become one of the most photographed Christmas settings in Bologna.

We are talking about the twenty-four hot air balloons that will welcome visitors to Galleria Cavour throughout the Christmas period. Entirely handmade, from the supporting structure to the meticulous decorations, they are the result of a team effort that has required months of design, processing and dedication.

Now, shining among the pilasters of our prestigious shops, they shine among the lights and the Christmas melodies ready to give the umpteenth emotion to anyone who wants to embark on this sensory journey between fairy-tale and dreamy atmospheres.

It is a real act of valorization of this place, and consequently of the city itself, which follows the line drawn by the lawyer Gioia Martini, new owner of the stretch that from the quadrivio opens on the arcades of Via Farini, that with passion and determination is determined to project its spaces, and the city of Bologna, in the circuit of the most famous destinations and frequented by tourists in search of history, charm and culture.

Just like last year, where magic lanterns filled the walk among the boutiques, this year the one present in our spaces wants to be a warm welcome, elegant and unique.

Christmas, moreover, is one of the most important and felt moments of the year, a source of inspiration for shopping for the most loved ones. In this sense, hot-air balloons represent a journey towards an ideal world, a real immersion in the beauty that we express at three hundred and sixty degrees. A source of inspiration, among others, are the words of Rosario Battiato, who wrote: the hot air balloon is the romantic dream of a time when inventions did not necessarily have to serve anything, but were simply scales of the imagination.