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Bartorelli jewelery and the history of Chaumet

10 May - 2023

Bartorelli Chaumet

Bartorelli jewelery has always been an excellence in the luxury sector. This is demonstrated by a tradition that has been handed down for generations, with creations that stand out for the elegance of the design, the uniqueness of the precious stones and the careful craftsmanship.

Inside, in addition to its exclusive collections, it houses some of the most prestigious brands of fine jewelry, such as Chaumet, with which it shares, among other things, a history of creativity and family tradition. In fact, the Parisian maison has been creating tiaras, timepieces and jewels for over 240 years with a refined style, immediately distinguishable and able to span the ages. It is said that the founder, Marie-Etienne Nitot, was first an apprentice and then a collaborator of Marie Antoinette‘s official jeweler.

After founding Chaumet, his talent in creating jewels was such as to allow him to survive even the ferocious years of the Revolution unscathed, so much so that even Napoleon, first a revolutionary and later Emperor of France, relied on him for setting the sword of his own coronation ceremony. Nitot’s mastery even impressed Pope Pius VII: it was the jeweler, in fact, who made the tiara that Bonaparte brought to Rome in 1806.

A legend was born. Thus, after having conquered the heart of the Empress Josephine, a great admirer of him, Nitot became the most sought-after jeweler in Europe. It was his son François-Regnault who succeeded him and had the intuition to transfer the Chaumet maison to the iconic address of Place Vendome 15, currently home to the legendary Ritz hotel. Going through the changes of history unscathed is not easy: but the mastery, handed down from generation to generation, allowed Chaumet to interpret the dream of European romanticism, the audacity of the Belle Epoque and European post-colonialism with elegance and refinement.

His clientele in the first half of the century even boasted Indian princes, such as the maharajas of Baroda and Indore, fascinated by the beauty and sumptuousness of those unique creations. 1999 is the year of the turning point: Chamuet enters the LVMH group and with iconic collections such as Liens and Joséphine, so named in honor of the glories of the nineteenth century, conquers an ever wider and more exclusive clientele.

Chamuet is now also present in Galleria Cavour, at the Bartorelli jewelry store, which offers its customers only the best in the field of luxury. Being able to be innovative, with an eye to its glorious history and a step projected towards the future, has made this brand one of the most famous and sought after in the world of fine jewelry.