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Come and discover the new Christmas arrangements

2 December - 2022

Allestimenti Natale 2022 Galleria Cavour
Christmas in Galleria Cavour has always been synonymous with beauty, joy and hospitality.

At the prestigious boutiques that we have the pleasure of hosting, in fact, many visitors will buy gifts for their dearest loved ones, share emotions or take photos capable of immortalizing moments of happiness. Giving them an atmosphere worthy of their dreams is therefore an honor for all of us, as well as a commitment taken more and more seriously, as evidenced by the now highly anticipated Christmas arrangements.

This year, the entrance in via Farini 14 presents itself in an even more surprising guise: a huge red flake, with its glittering ribbon, seems to wrap and embrace the three arches of the main entrance almost as if to enclose the magic hidden within. In fact, that of the gift is the metaphor that best describes today’s installations, because the creative and artisanal journey, which gave life to these dreamy atmospheres, symbolizes a gift that the owners, under the guidance of Gioia Martini, wanted to give to visitors and the city of Bologna.

Inspired by the famous lights of New York, the Parisian ville lumiere and the inviting London windows, this year our Christmas aims to give Bologna an allure with an international flavour. Proof of this are the numerous photos posted daily on visitors’ social profiles and re-shared on the official Instagram and Facebook channels @galleriacavourbologna.

In addition to the affection of tourists and fellow citizens, many celebrities have already visited our places: as reported by the major newspapers, among them stand out the football star Erling Haaland, spearhead of Manchester City and Erik Botheim, athlete of the U.S. Salernitana. Even the actress Martina Stella has decided to take an afternoon break from the Roman set of her upcoming Rai fiction to enjoy a dreamy stroll through our boutiques.

After months of research, creation and dedication, therefore, the exciting journey of this Christmas has finally reached its destination. Between playful candy cane and flaming Christmas airplanes, Galleria Cavour once again confirms the tradition that now sees it as the epicenter and symbol of shopping and parties in the city.