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Eternal Gold is Prada’s new high jewelry line

11 October - 2023

Prada Eternal Gold

Eternal Gold is the new high jewelery collection by Prada and entirely made of 100% certified recycled gold. The project is part of the sustainability program that the group has been carrying out for some time with a pioneering and responsible spirit, so that the luxury sector becomes increasingly aware of environmental and ethical causes.

The elegant collection offers the public accessories with eternal shapes where the neoclassical style is combined with a contemporary design. Between heart necklaces, sinuous snake-shaped bracelets and ribbon chokers, there are two common elements that seem to characterize the entire line: love and gold.

The latter, which has always been considered the eternal material symbol of majesty and splendor, well describes the indissolubility of love which is the concept around which the entire range revolves. On each piece, then, the triangle, the very archetype of the maison, appears, re-proposed in the form of closures, pendants or imprinted in details such as, for example, the snake heads. The shapes are deliberately exaggerated to express strength, passion and character.

It is no coincidence that the testimonials called to interpret this line are all women of great talent and depth. Under the lens of David Sims, then, we see the American poet and activist Amanda Gorman, the Korean musician Somi Jeon and the actress Maya Hawke.

The collection was also presented in the Bologna boutique, in Galleria Cavour, through an exclusive cocktail party organized with the participation of the Marchesi pastry shop. Between refined branded drinks and gold-coloured desserts, the Eternal Gold exhibition was welcomed with enthusiasm and curiosity by the entire parterre of highly selected guests, including Gioia Martini. The event was also an opportunity for an immersive experience in the Prada world through a highly engaging virtual reality game.

It is in this way, between technology, innovation and sustainability that the new codes of luxury are expressed; sector increasingly attentive to combining glamor and awareness.