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Gioia Martini and Luca Gritti present the “Galleria Cavour Christmas Edition” fragrance

28 November - 2023

Gioia Martini e Luca Gritti

The dialogue between Luca Gritti and Gioia Martini stems from careful research and a passion for detail, which sees them collaborate in the creation of the new “Galleria Cavour Christmas Edition” room fragrance.

He certainly needs no introduction: dubbed the rebel of the niche perfumery, he is the owner of Gritti Venetia and successfully continues the noble family tradition that has seen the dynasty import spices from every corner of the world into the city of the doges since the 16th century. She is the new owner of the section of Galleria Cavour that, from the porticoed entrance in via Farini 14, extends to the central crossroads and, since taking office, has undertaken a valuable rebranding and enhancement work, tangible, as never before, thanks to the majestic Christmas displays, which have now become a tradition for the city, and the recent stylistic and digital restyling.

Galleria Cavour Christmas Edition is the new identity fragrance specially created to welcome visitors as they stroll through the prestigious fashion and high jewellery boutiques. On the other hand, attention to detail is in itself one of the highest expressions of luxury: Gioia Martini and Luca Gritti know, in fact, that the senses speak to the heart and a fragrance is able to excite, inebriate, imprint itself in the mind and thus give identity to a place and an emotion.

The new room fragrance sees the union of symbolic elements for the Christmas tradition but also capable of evoking Bologna and the history of its commercial quadrilateral made up of river markets, travellers and cultural exchanges. Its olfactory pyramid is composed as follows: Ethiopian myrrh, amber, white musk and Virginia cedarwood embellish the base notes. Clove, jasmine from Egypt and incense from Somalia enrich the heart, while citrus fruits from Sicily, lime from Mexico and cinnamon from Sri Lanka stand out in the top notes. The result is a welcoming fragrance capable of evoking olfactory memories linked to Christmas, to tradition but also to distant lands, and capable of taking us on an emotional journey to places that symbolise Christmas, such as Galleria Cavour in Bologna.