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The magic of Christmas lights up Galleria Cavour and Bologna

22 November - 2023

Natale 2023 Galleria Cavour

The joy of sharing, the festive atmosphere, the surprise of a gift given or received: nothing is able to light up the soul like the magic of Christmas. Once again this year, Galleria Cavour, which is one of the favourite places for Christmas shopping, respects the tradition carried on by Gioia Martini since she took office at the helm, dressing itself in wonder and amazement for the festivities. A majestic new layout is ready, in fact, to welcome the ever more numerous visitors, ready to be amazed and enchanted once again.

In a revamped guise, the main entrance will once again see the giant ribbon that already last year seemed to wrap the entire Gallery as a precious gift for all citizens, and which, with great success, had appeared on the numerous social message boards of visitors and tourists.

The gift remains the leitmotif of this display, the result of precious teamwork and skilful craftsmanship coordinated, once again, by Fulvia Santi.
The walk through the boutiques, which leads from the main entrance on Via Farini to the central crossroads, will see visitors literally with their noses in the air, enchanted not only by the glittering shop windows of the brands, but by the colourful and glittering gift packages that fill the entire ceiling.

The Galleria will once again become one of the symbols of Christmas in Bologna and give dreams to all who visit. This magical display is also a gift to the city, which for these holidays will light up on par with the world’s most important tourist destinations.

In fact, there are numerous places and themed events not to be missed. In addition to the Galleria, we would like to mention the nearby French Christmas Village in Piazza Minghetti which, from Saturday 20 November, will offer decorations, scents and traditional flavours from beyond the Alps, and, also just a stone’s throw away, the “XXIX rassegna del presepio” in the monumental loggia of the Church of San Giovanni in Monte where, from 8 December to 7 January 2024, crib art will be displayed in all its splendour. The festivities are about to begin and, once again, the most beautiful gift will be emotions.