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Louis Vuitton presents Aerogram

22 March - 2021

An aerogram is a simple and light folded sheet which forms an envelope, ready to be sent. To Louis Vuitton it symbolyzes the art of journey, a subject which has always been dear to the maison, this time evoked by the wonderful aviation experiences.
Aerogram, the new collection of men’s leatherware, is born from such premises: characterized by folds or cuts on the bias of every bag, just to remind the shape of this historical letter associated with the early flights of Concorde.
Every accessory, from backpacks to Keepall, is entirely made of black grained leather by the skilled hands of the artisans in Asnières.
The aim is to combine the inheritance of journey with a more urban contemporary under the iconic and inevitabile Louis Vuitton logo which, as a seal, characterizes any item of the collection.
A journey in style which, strolling through the shop windows of Galleria Cavour, continues to make us dream between elegance and new creative horizons.