GC Magazine - Galleria Cavour

Closing of Galleria Cavour stores during Easter

29 March - 2021

The current and difficult health situation involving our whole country due to the Covid-19 pandemic forced all the commercial establishments to comply with the restrictive measures provided for by the last DPCM.
Emilia-Romagna is one of the most affected regions in Italy and the constraints set forth in the red area still remain in force. We can inform the numerous visitors, who are asking us for information about the closures or the possible opening hours of our stores, that throughout the whole Easter week, and until the red area containment measures remain active, the shops of Galleria Cavour will be closed as well as all the territorial businesses that operate in areas which are not considered as primary.

However, as our visitors already know, the entrance to Via Farini 14 is always open to the public, a destination for a walk for anyone who wants to dream through the windows of our brands. Our hope is to reopen all our stores as soon as possible, in total safety, in order to continue to give emotions in the name of welcome, which has always distinguished us.

We will promptly announce the opening hours of each boutique on our website www.galleriacavorobologna.com and on our social networks, especially in case of changes due to further new provisions.