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LVMH protagonist of the upcoming Paris Olympics

16 August - 2023

As everyone knows, in 2024 the next Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Paris, thus catapulting the French capital to the epicenter of the world during all the weeks of the competitions. On the other hand, the involvement of the luxury giant LVMH as premium partner of the event is news these days.

It is the same group that formalized the note in a public release, which states that the aforementioned partnership wants to make this moment “an unforgettable experience“. This is a real record for Bernard Arnault‘s group which will therefore see the most prestigious maisons in the world take the field with their excellence in numerous initiatives related to the event.

Any examples? It is already known that the design of the medals will be entrusted to the historic Parisian high jewelery brand Chaumet, also present in Galleria Cavour with its creations at the Bartorelli jewelery store, and that Moet Hennessy will be present with its renowned products to make the experience unique of welcome and hospitality. However, it is not yet known how the big fashion houses belonging to the group, Louis Vuitton and Dior in the first place, will be involved, but it is certain that they will keep faith with the mission imprinted in LVMH’s DNA: to create dreams.

After all, what better occasion than the Olympic Games, which represent the crowning of dreams for the best athletes from all over the world and a show that has enchanted all humanity for centuries with suspense and wonder? With the arrival of the Olympic competitions in France and the eyes of the whole world focused on Paris, it was natural that Arnault should involve his group in an active and direct way: LVMH, in fact, is not only France’s ambassador in the world but, thanks to its exceptional know-how, it has always been the maximum expression of luxury, beauty and creativity.

Waiting to find out what fabulous news will be revealed over the next few months, we just have to start counting down to the opening of these Olympic Games which already have all the premises to be even more spectacular.