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Galleria Cavour brands for the Qixi festival

23 August - 2023

Festa Qixi

The Asian world, in addition to representing a constantly growing market for the fashion system, inspires, with its traditions and customs, the creativity of the most prestigious fashion houses, including, of course, those present at the Galleria Cavour.

This week the Chinese calendar includes Qixi festival. Read with Western eyes it could be interpreted as a sort of Valentine’s Day, with the difference that its date is variable, as it occurs on the seventh day of the seventh lunisolar month of the celestial calendar.

The celebration has its origins in a romantic legend that has been handed down for over 2,000 years. The myth tells of a forbidden love between Zhinu, seventh daughter of the Emperor of Heaven, and the shepherd Niulang. Separated on opposite banks of a starry river, symbol of the Milky Way, the two lovers could see each other, by concession, only one night a year, taking advantage of a flock of magpies that acted as a bridge between the two banks. Just like in the West, even during this holiday, dedicated to love, lovers usually exchange gifts and organize romantic dinners.

Fashion, capable of combining dreams and traditions, has thus wanted to dedicate the right recognition to this anniversary with special collections and special suggestions. If Matthieu Blazy, for Bottega Veneta, commissioned Jess Jing Zou, a short film set in China on the power of love, entitled “Towards you“, Prada wanted to create a special collection: Qixi 2023. Among the top items stand out leather accessories, such as the heeled moccasins, the Prada Arquè bag and the Symbole tortoiseshell glasses, as far as the female wardrobe is concerned. The men’s selection, on the other hand, focuses on denim and the marble gray colour, capable of recalling the Milky Way of legend.

Louis Vuitton also celebrates the oriental holiday with a selection of gifts that seem to have love as a common thread and the knot that this feeling creates between the two lovers: therefore space for scarves, ties and fragrances destined to create a lasting connection.
What can seal eternal love if not a unique and rare jewel, such as those present in the Bartorelli jewelery which, in addition to its own exclusive creations, houses the proposals of the most prestigious brands of fine jewellery? Tiffany also looks to the Asian tradition by focusing on very popular brand ambassadors such as Jackson Yee, who not surprisingly promotes the Lock collection, a symbol of indissoluble love.

Another exceptional testimonial is Wang Yibo for Moncler who, thanks to his Qixi-themed down jacket, sports a red heart patch next to the logo of the maison. Love has many forms of expression and fashion seems to embody the most exciting nuances. Galleria Cavour wishes a happy Qixi day to all lovers.