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Omega and Victor Vescovo’s historic record-breaking feat

19 July - 2023

Victor Vescovo is a daredevil entrepreneur from Texas of Italian descent who loves adventure and extreme feats. His name is indelibly linked to the legendary feats he has accomplished that made him the first human being to have reached both the highest and the lowest point on the planet. To support his exploits, Vescovo has always chosen a team of professionals and an infallible companion: Omega.

The exclusive watch manufacturer, resold at Galleria Cavour by the prestigious Bartorelli jewellers, has often linked its fame to such memorable exploits as those conducted by the intrepid adventurer from Dallas. To support him on the Five Deeps Expedition, the expedition that took him to the deepest trenches of the five oceans, Omega even created a timepiece capable of surpassing all limits of precision, depth and achievement: the Sea Master Planet Ocean Ultra Deep, capable of raising the standard of hitherto existing diver’s watch technology even higher.

Of the expedition’s many exciting moments, however, it was undoubtedly the one when Vescovo reached the eastern Challenger depression in the Mariana Trench that made history by setting a world record for mankind but also for Omega’s Ultra Deep, which was able to meet an unprecedented challenge with endurance and precision. Although the watch manufacturer has always been synonymous with excellence and has long been a favourite for underwater sports and exceptional feats, meeting the goals required for the Five Deeps Expedition called for an even more innovative approach, as befits great challenges. Thus, the very design of the glass structure was inspired by that of a submarine, and the use of innovative technologies made it possible to withstand such pressure as that imposed by the depths of the Mariana Trench. These characteristics have not, however, prevented the light and subtle style that has long characterised the brand’s creations with elegance.

From the “Marine” model, which in 1932 marked the brand’s debut in the world of oceanic exploration and became the favourite of many diving pioneers, to the recent eclipsing exploits of Vescovo, Omega, with its wide range of diver’s watches, has confirmed itself as the brand of reference for the most exciting adventures, in the sign of a character and style capable of transcending all limits.