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The new Galleria Cavour manifesto is born

5 July - 2023

Manifesto Galleria Cavour

It moves in balance between reality and the dreamlike dimension, the new poster of Galleria Cavour. Present at the Guglielmo Marconi airport in the Schengen and non-Schengen arrival areas, as well as at the TAG private airport, it welcomes tourists visiting Bologna, showing the joyful and multiform soul that the city and Galleria are able to offer.

It is a contemporary postcard that recounts the place, but also the emotions, thanks to an artistic play that mixes dream and fantasy with the protagonists and real elements of Bologna.
The work perfectly reflects the unique and sensorial technique of its creator: artist Paolo Franzoso, capable of translating suggestions and emotions into matter, thanks to his unmistakable multiform style, rich in expressive energy, innovation and experimentation. “I have made our Galleria poster by hand and with imagination!“: it is with these premises that Franzoso himself created what is to all intents and purposes a manifesto, but also a declaration of love to our reality and to the city of Bologna.

In fact, the work features the distinctive elements of the capital of Emilia: the Asinelli and Garisenda towers and the Clock Tower, indicating Galleria’s proximity to the historical and cultural heart of the city, but also the deep bond that unites the current commercial tradition with that of Bologna’s flourishing past, still tangible today among the arcades and its lively corners. Appearing is not only the famous Neptune, for the occasion revisited in a glam-rock version holding Farini 14, our identity perfume, but also Lucio Dalla, portrayed with Paladino’s statue of him on the bench in the famous Piazza Grande (now Piazza Cavour), which welcomes visitors and tourists just a few metres from our entrance portico.

The protagonists of the poster, however, are the emotions: the ones that this place of strolling, wonder and desire is able to evoke thanks to the dreamy settings and the magic of sharing. Among angels and musical notes, some of the protagonists who have embodied the spirit of Galleria Cavour under the guidance of Gioia Martini, also represented on stage, appear. The re-branding of the place is recounted by the elements extrapolated from some of the latest imaginative installations and recent photo campaigns on social media, thanks to the depiction of some of its precious protagonists, such as the influencer Real Fashionist and Countess Alessia Sassoli de Bianchi, emblem of style and elegance.

A manifesto, the one designed by Gioia Martini and her team of collaborators, which Franzoso has been able to interpret and bring to life in some way to the point of inspiring even an animated video, soon to be available on our social channels, to narrate, with images and sounds, the liveliness of this corner of the city. At the centre of the scene remains the new entrance: its three porticoed arches, its promenade always open to the public, and its fascinating shop windows; while at the top stands an aeroplane that, among clouds and hearts, carries a precious message: “Shopping experience“. Because by now, the shopping experience in Galleria Cavour is more and more, to all intents and purposes, a shopping experience to be lived, dreamt and told.