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The trend of 2023 is Quiet Luxury

6 September - 2023

Quiet Luxury - GC Magazine

Fashion, as we know, thrives on trends. The year 2023 will certainly be remembered for the emergence of Quiet Luxury. This is how experts define the trend of wearing extremely luxurious garments and accessories that, at least in appearance, appear simple.

Garments whose brand is not immediately recognisable: except to the most experienced eyes, through refined and precious details. Needless to say, among the numerous brands that have espoused this philosophy, the most emblematic remains Bottega Veneta, which has always been the bearer of a refined and whispered glamour, where elegance is enhanced by its impeccable cut, precious fabrics and the craftsmanship of its weaving, which does not need logos to be remembered.

The must-haves of this trend are to be found in a wardrobe of neutral tones, tailored suits and understated details. It is a simplicity perennially poised between comfort and snobbery that recalls the most exclusive social salons or the circles of international high finance. Historians point to this booming aesthetic as a mirror of the times: the return to normality after the pandemic years, the focus on global sustainability and the precariousness of political balances.

Beware, however, of believing that these are immediate or unstudied looks: as the new Prada collection also shows, the image of quiet luxury is the result of research and careful subtraction, where the right adjective, rather than simple, is chic. The secret, in fact, of this trend is the very high quality of the materials combined with precise and detailed tailoring. The ambassadors of this trend have always included the ethereal Gwyneth Paltrow, flanked by Victoria Beckham and the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who have even created a brand, The Row, the ultimate expression of this style. There is, of course, no shortage of male references, as shown by Jamie Dornan, Andrew Gardfield and the late Steve Jobs.

The trend is also conquering other sectors such as interior design and, of course, fine jewellery. This is also demonstrated by the latest sophisticated collections of the exclusive brands in Galleria Cavour: from Elsa Peretti’s Bean line for Tiffany to Chopard’s Happy Sport line. The latter is flanked by other creations sold at the Bartorelli jewellery store: such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets with a sophisticated and refined design, and watches that are icons of luxury, where thinner and thinner cases and elegant, deep tones seem to predominate. In short, in high fashion, this is definitely the time for minimalism and a return to ‘Less is more‘.