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Supermodels still on the scene

30 August - 2023

Il ritorno delle top model

Some say they are back, but on closer inspection, perhaps they never left.
What is certain is that this will be the season of the super supermodels: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington.

After making their mark on fashion history in the early nineties, and after regaining, thirty-three years later, the cover of the Vogue issue coming out in September, the four are preparing to catalyse media attention thanks to a documentary dedicated to them and to be released, the same month, on Apple Tv+.

But it is only right to proceed in order: in 1990, the four posed, together with the late Tatjana Patitz, for one of the most memorable covers in the history of Vogue: a black and white shot signed by Peter Lindbergh which, in a short time, became a veritable manifesto and a consecration. Launched and created, on a professional level, by the genius of Gianni Versace, the historic supermodels represented the embodiment of beauty, but also of the dream, of seduction, of feminine character, inventing, in fact, a professional elite that did not exist before and paving the way for subsequent colleagues: from Kate Moss to Giselle Bundchen up to the very newcomers such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Vittoria Ceretti.

Even George Michael, bewitched by their magnetism, wanted them in the famous music video for the hit Freedom!90. It’s been thirty-three years since then: some of them, such as Naomi Campbell, continue to plough the catwalks undaunted, others have become mothers, and still others have gone through downfalls and rebirths: Linda Evangelista herself told the press about the difficult moments following a surgical operation that scarred her face.

Now the legend is ready to be revived, not only in the press and on the catwalks, but also in front of the screen to tell their story, but also how costume and society have changed and have always been reflected through their faces and bodies. In a world, the fashion system, known for swallowing up and consuming everything quickly, the talent of these four girls, now women, is that they have managed to cross the decades as protagonists and never as the object of the advertising campaigns in which they participated.

No longer top, but supermodels, as they have rightly defined them. The four-part documentary will debut in September under the direction of Roger Ross Williams and Larissa Bills. It will recount their beginnings, the consecration and evolution of the role of women in the fashion industry and society also through the famous campaigns in which they were protagonists, such as those of all the prestigious brands in Galleria Cavour! Between archive footage and exclusive stories, these four legends give us a TV appointment to make us dream again today as in the past.