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Tiffany Blue Box is the gift packaging symbol of style in the world

3 April - 2021

Tiffany blue is not only an emblematic color but also a trademark. No box design has been lucky enough to be able to distinguish itself with refinement and immediacy as the Tiffany Blue Box, the unmistakable packaging that contains Tiffany creations.

The color was chosen by the founder of the jewelry house, Charles Lewis Tiffany, for the popularity of the turquoise gem particularly loved by victorian brides and in great demand in the 19th century. In 1886, after the introduction of the Tiffany Setting, the maison’s first engagement ring, it was decided to adopt a package as iconic as its precious content.

The blue box becomes as famous as the jewels it holds from time to time: a true status symbol and an unmistakable brand that distinguishes and unites Tiffany & Co stores around the world. The success of the beloved color is such that the American house has been pushed to register the Tiffany Blue color code standardized by the Pantone Matching System. Elegant but also attentive to the environment: Tiffany Blue Box is in fact entirely made with eco-sustainable materials.

From Audrey Hepburn to Elsa Peretti, to the present day, Tiffany’s is still today, at any time of day, one of the most desired shopping boxes by anyone strolling through the shops of Galleria Cavour.