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Galleria Cavour becomes a Monopoly box

15 November - 2023

Monopoly Bologna 2023

No game is able to bring together young and old, generation after generation, like Monopoly. For 90 years, its iconic pawns, banknotes and the famous card with the ‘dungeon without passing the Go’ have been imprinted in the collective imagination of all of us, as only board games that have become legendary and that, for everyone, have been synonymous with laughter and gatherings around a table with friends and family.

This year comes a celebratory novelty and it concerns the city of Bologna to which the famous game has dedicated a special edition in Italian and English.
By trying your luck with the dice, it will therefore be possible, box after box, to literally go through the most representative places in the capital of Emilia. Thanks to the idea of Nicola Gaiani, a young entrepreneur from Bologna, you will therefore be able to stop in Piazza Maggiore, Via Indipendenza, under the portico of Via Santa Caterina and even conquer the coveted box that has our Galleria Cavour as its protagonist of excellence.

Gioia Martini’s side, in fact, appears in the emblematic game as a coveted representative of the city’s landmarks, complete with its iconic logo. This special edition is intended as a tribute to Bologna, which over the years not only confirms itself as a destination for growing tourism but also continues to be a favourite location for the many students who live the most exciting years of their university experiences here. The game is therefore an excellent gift for those who live in Bologna, those who have lived it, those who visit it and those who have left a piece of their heart here.

To celebrate its arrival, Galleria Cavour has decided to host a special event dedicated precisely to Monopoly on Sunday 26 November, with a surprising set-up and a sales point that, for that day only, gives numerous visitors the chance to buy it. The cost of the game set is 40 euro and part of the proceeds from sales will be donated to Fondazione ANT Italia, the non-profit organisation founded in Bologna in 1978 that provides free specialist medical assistance at home to cancer patients.

The Bologna edition is therefore the perfect gift for these Christmas holidays because, amidst laughter, giveaways and challenges, fun is guaranteed.