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The City Express in Galleria Cavour

1 November - 2023

City Express Galleria Cavour

The statistical data on the current tourist situation in Bologna confirm the positive and constantly growing trend regarding the increasing number of visitors to the city. The numbers thus confirm the rosy forecasts that pointed to Bologna as a destination of growing tourist appeal on the national and international scene.

What certainly attracts visitors is the fame of the territory’s artistic, cultural and enogastronomic excellence. Bologna, however, is also a destination of growing interest in the luxury sector that can boast unique entrepreneurial realities, such as those linked to the Motor Valley circuit, prestigious trade fairs and artistic exhibitions with international appeal.

Galleria Cavour‘s increasing presence in the network of collaborations with the above-mentioned businesses, the main luxury hotels and the air transport sector (from the Schengen and non-Schengen arrivals area of Guglielmo Marconi airport to TAG private airport) fits into this promising panorama. This month, the promotional operation expands by embracing a new project: Galleria Cavour has branded one of the iconic City Redbuses.

This is one of the little motorised trains that pass through the city’s iconic sites and accompany dozens and dozens of passengers to the city’s main attractions every day.
The train in Galleria Cavour differs from all the others because it is the only one that is completely white and for this reason is immediately recognisable. On the top of its carriages are the new Galleria logo, with the three emblematic arches recalling the main entrance on Via Farini, and some of the most iconic images taken from the poster recently created by artist Paolo Franzoso.

The City Redbuses are a fun and exciting way to discover the city: they have all the facilities for disabled visitors and even our four-legged friends are allowed on board! It is an experience for a discovery tour where the real destination is always joy.