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Women are the protagonists in Galleria Cavour

8 March - 2023

Elsa Peretti - GC Magazine

Creativity, elegance and beauty: these three adjectives unite Galleria Cavour and the female hemisphere. Women are in fact the absolute protagonists of this unique and exciting setting in the heart of Bologna: starting with the management.

Gioia Martini, in fact, in the role of owner of the stretch that extends from the central crossroads to the porticoed entrance on via Farini, immediately embarked on a process of enhancement and rebranding that has seen a significant increase in the number of tourists and visitors at fashion and high jewelery boutiques. Furthermore, women are the great protagonists of the maisons that inhabit and animate the luxury realities present here.

Miuccia Prada has brought her eponymous brand to be the most desired of 2022 according to Lyst index statistics. In the fourth quarter alone, in fact, the brand recorded a 37% growth, becoming the most requested brand in the world.
Not to mention the always enthusiastic welcome that is reserved for the collections designed by the designer and Raf Simons, capable of creating a new ideal of elegant and minimalist femininity.

Donatella Versace is, on the other hand, the body and soul of the maison: no one like her has known how to use the power of her image to the point of becoming the very incarnation of the bewitching jellyfish, symbol of the fashion house. Her story is intertwined with that of her brother Gianni, from whom she collects an artistic legacy that is not easy to manage.

And yet, still today, thanks to his intuition and his creative and commercial ability, Versace still reigns unchallenged in the Olympus of the fashion system, proving to be one of the brands most loved by celebrities from all over the world and the pride of an instantly recognizable Italian style and character. Louis Vuitton has instead entrusted its current collection to the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, paying homage to his talent. It is the demonstration that fashion knows how to intercept trends and transform accessories and clothes into real works of art which, sometimes, over time, turn out to be investments and collector’s items.

Furthermore, Kusama is the incarnation of a female artist who has managed to establish herself in an environment that has always been dominated, due to historical and cultural consequences, by the male hemisphere. The world of jewelery also speaks feminine. Emanuela Bartorelli, who recently, right at Galleria Cavour, gave a precious interview on the universe of fine jewelry, is a jewelry designer and a creative who with her unique and exclusive collections collects national and international successes in the name of a family tradition which, in the luxury sector, has been handed down since 1882.

Some of the main designers of Tiffany & Co are also women: Elsa Peretti and Paloma Picasso. Their art was expressed in designs and collections that still today perfectly describe the elegance and refinement of the maison. In a week dedicated to women and emancipation, Galleria Cavour proves to be a pioneer of an important historical and cultural journey that sees women successfully occupying the highest positions with determination, passion and innovative talent.